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My most powerful affirmations in a 5″x 8″ full color workbook. 52 pages illustrated with full-color breathtaking images which begin your therapy with their beauty alone. Worded with NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) to re-write the subconscious mind. These affirmations correspond with the chapters from Self Love book, and super-charge the self love journey.

These are my most powerful affirmations which I used to rise out of my lowest most grueling points into full fledged  love & abundance.

When I was displaced, living in my car, people wondered why I was so self-assured and happy? And how I was able to overcome the rigors of public ridicule and the onslaught of verbal assault — Well, I kept my mind right and fortified.

This workbook is life-changing.

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19 reviews for Self Love Affirmations Workbook

  1. Aubrey-Eric (verified owner)

    The book put me back on the right track, I’m now more focused on achieving my goals, my confidence is firm if not soaring again, thanks so much Tonya!!!?

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  2. Donique (verified owner)

    I really did like it, thank you

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  3. Talesha J. (verified owner)

    This is enlightening and a breath of fresh air, thank you!?

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  4. Stephanie W. (verified owner)

    Plan to buy more for family and friends.

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  5. Shirael (verified owner)

    The Artwork and Illustration is Beautiful.Has plenty of Space for Writing and made me Feel Blessed.I Highly Recommend Every Woman to Purchase this Work Book.You won’t Regret it!

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    • Tonya Tko

      Thank you! <3

  6. Kwaneisha Brown (verified owner)

    So I wanted to wait until I finished at least 3 days to complete my review. This book is amazing! The first night, the affirmations started repeating while I was on my way to sleep. For the first night, in many,many months, I got a good, refreshed night’s rest. The second day was more of the same but I noticed my thoughts started changing. In that, I started to focus less of what was not serving me and more on what is or will. The third night/day, my perceptions started to change. I don’t want to give too much away but I do see a clear and positive change in my life! You have to do the work but it’s worth it!

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    • Tonya Tko

      This is so WONDERFUL to hear! Thank you so much! Keep us updated as the shifts continue to take place… This is exactly what happens when you use the items as instructed. I’m excited about the journey you’re on & can’t wait to continue to see you bloom <3

    • Tonya Tko

      Could you paste your review onto Amazon

  7. Kadijah Banks (verified owner)

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  8. Lotheshia Bowers (verified owner)

    Very very disappointed .Opened the package after waiting for like two weeks and to find out the book I was waiting to snuggle down in my bed with a cup of hot tea was a damn notebook. Well I’ll be a mother’s fool! Wasn’t at all what I expected and I got another one for my siblings to read (so I thought) I was unsatisfied. My question is can I please have a refund? Not even 50 bucks worth. I could of went to the book store and bought 2/3 nice books and some tea with that money honey. $$$ money not well spent ?

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    • Tonya Tko

      Lotheshia, you were surprised that the Self Love Affirmations Workbook, is a “Workbook?” $50? You paid $10 (Ten Dollars) per book with the BOGO Special. This is the 2nd one-star rating you’ve given on my website. The other for not knowing a thing titled as an MP3 is not a book but an “MP3?”. Slow down, breathe. From the energy I’m gathering from your reviews, both of these items are necessary in your life right now. Do them both for 30 days and come back and update your review.

  9. Annette (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it, it makes it so easy to do daily affirmations, it’s compact light so you can take it with you. Also you can see the time and effort it took to get us to do the affirmations easily, effortlessly and repeatedly. There is room to write the affirmations in your own handwriting. Beautifully illustrated and executed. I hope you do another one.

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    • Tonya Tko

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment. Could you paste your review onto Amazon

  10. Mieshia S. (verified owner)

    On my way to a happy positive life with this book! Thanks so much TonyaTko!!! -Mimi

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  11. Danielle (verified owner)

    Very cute book. I bought too so I am waiting to meet with my best friend so we can do the books together:-)

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  12. Annette Blackmon (verified owner)

    Thank you, very much, for the reminders of mind, body and spirit refreshes. Also, for sharing, some new skills, that I can share with my family, young and old alike. I really appreciate, the positive approach to embettering my life threw what this book covers. I spend time watching what I eat, why not, watch what I plant in my thoughts (consciousness)🤔 I’m amazed about how quickly I have seen changes because of practicing these exercises for my life💞 Thank you Tonya🌸🌺🌻👍

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  13. LASHON H. (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated and uplifting.

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  14. Makeda H. (verified owner)

    Words of Affirmation is not one of my love languages, but I certainly needed this book right now. I needed to tell myself these uplifting, positive and healthy words for my mental health. Thank you Tonya for this beautiful work of art. The pages are dreamy and eye catching. I actually love the fact that I can write in this book. Reading alone doesn’t sink in until you write it down & repeat.

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  15. Sabrina Jones (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and thoughtful book.. Pages are filled with love for self expression..

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  16. Arielle Peoples (verified owner)

    I’m not able to rate because I have yet to receive shipment.

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    • Tonya Tko

      I see you’ve received your book, please come back & update your review. Your rating is about the postal service speed of transit; For future purchases you can coordinate with me directly to upgrade your shipping to an express service carrier. For the time being, please update your review to be about the actual book

  17. Jessica Rocha (verified owner)

    I have yet to receive the book. I am anxiously waiting. I checked delivery status and says it’s still in transit and will be arriving late 🥺

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    • Tonya Tko

      I see your book is out for delivery. Please come back & update your review when you receive it. (For complaints about the Postal service you can contact them via their website).

  18. Kimone Reid (verified owner)

    The Self Love affirmations workbook is great for everyone, this booklet gives me a fresh and new outlook on life. I am very happy Thanks!!! Miss Tonya Tko

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  19. Emeka Nwachie (verified owner)

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