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Pre-order your physical AUTOGRAPHED copy of the Self Love Book.  (Shipping Novermber 2018)

6 Step Shift into self-love will help you re-write your subconscious programming and help you shift into loving yourself more fully and deeply. I’m a hypnotherapist with training in Neuro Linguistic Programming. As you read the book you will begin to shift into healthier self-love. You will release old trauma and step into a healthy, happy abundant life.

My name is Tonya Tko and I’m a Self-Love Specialist. I help people get into meaningful satisfying relationships, and live the life of their dreams by first loving themselves. I use the power of hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming to help people experience immediate, lasting change.

Self-love is my passion because all love begins with self-love. I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) in 2007, and I realized there was a lot more to life than I previously thought. Since then I’ve become a Social Media Influencer (Youtube / Facebook / LinkedIn with more than 300K followers & 90 Million video views) tapping people on the shoulder to wake them up to loving themselves and each other.

My goal is to lift the Universal Vibration of the world


This book will help you re-write your subconscious programming and shift you into loving yourself deeply and fully.

  • SHIFT: Teach you the simple mind-shifts I used which (even on my darkest day) kept me connected to self-love and my worth as a human being.
  • CONFIDENCE: Give you the confidence to follow your dreams.
  • ABUNDANCE: Make your life feel richer, fuller and happier.
  • LOVE: Attract more love into your life.
  • MEANING: Answer questions about why you’re here and the meaning of your life
  • TRAUMA: Help you process traumatic childhood experiences.
  • SELF LOVE: Fall deeply, wildly and completely in love with yourself.
  • CONTROL: Give you more power and control over your past, present and future.

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