VIP Wombmyn in the Wild Payment Plan



Pay for VIP Wombmyn (Retreat + Cabin) with 5 easy payments of $575. Your card will be charged $575 today and every month for 5 months.  *you will be charged on the same day of the month*

Payment plan is only available with Credit & Debit card.


VIP guests arrive 1 day early (March 19th) and have an appointment during the day with 1-on-1 coaching with me in my beautiful home. In the evening, I am cooking a delicious dinner for us, and we’re having a wonderful party where we get to unwind with music & revelry as we get ready for the retreat. A professional make-up artist is doing your make-up for your goddess photoshoot and on your first night you will receive the luxurious gift of a heavyweight monogrammed Turkish cotton bathrobe to commemorate Wombmyn in the Wild. You will have a private room inside of the cabin with a queen sized bed & private TV.

  • Arrive 1 day early for VIP homemade Dinner & coaching with Tonya
  • VIP Dinner party with me in my beautiful home
  • 1-0n-1 Private Coaching
  • Private room with Queen-sized bed & TV
  • Professional Make-up artist for White Ceremony
  • GIFT: Luxurious Turkish Cotton bathrobe with Monogrammed Wombmyn In The Wild



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