Shanita M.

Bronx NY

I did more work that Saturday than I have done in a life time! I thought I had a good idea of who I was on the road to my personal spiritual journey to awaking. Tonya’s summit was like throwing a bucket of ice cold water on me and awaking me from a deep slumber that I did not realize I was in. I resolved some underlying issues that have had me in a stagnated state for years and have kept me from being ME and fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Come willing to unlearn many concepts you have about yourself because when you leave you will see yourself in a new light. You must come willing to be truthful with yourself and willing to do the WORK.



Expect the unexpected! I’m a very closed minded girl and very pessimistic at that. I try not to get excited about much because I feel like it would never work out. I came in hoping for the best which in turn made me reap the best. The Self Love Summit was not just a healing experience, it was a life changing experience. It made me have a better outlook on life. I’m no longer walking down the street with my head down. Or thinking about what others think of me 24/7. I have a new sense of life. The healing exercises challenge you and break you out of your comfort zone. Dealing with things you try to avoid and hiding behind childhood stories that ultimately shaped you into the person you are today. Expect is to cry! Be prepared to smile! To dance, to jump, to feel weights being lifted off of you and for God to put the love back into your heart. I WANTED to be happy and confident. I’m choosing to live that way starting now, and you should too! 🙂



Boston, MA

Meeting Tonya in person was great! She really is the same person you see in her videos, and she brought the same energy to this event. I came to heal a great childhood hurt. I received even more than this healing. I was able to find forgiveness for people I never thought I would be able to forgive, and I have found strength within myself that I know in my heart to be endless.

It was an opening experience to see others have breakthroughs at different points throughout the day. Every new activity went just a little bit deeper. Near the midway point I was beginning to confront the issues of my childhood and the idea of forgiving what seemed to be unforgivable. The process of traveling back to those awful moments, removing them, and forgiving those who created the situation… I have never shed more tears than I did in those moments.  I came out of this event feeling so much love for myself, my sisters, and this beautiful world we all share. Even now as I return to the life that my hurt self created, I find the negativity of those around me to be irrelevant to how I feel. I am also finding it much easier to connect with anyone, even total strangers, even those that I previously thought I had no love for. I do not hesitate to speak the truth of my heart, and this is where I find my greatest strength.

If you are at a point where you desire something better for yourself, this event is for you. No matter where you are in your own self-improvement journey, this event is worth investing in. Be sure to do the homework and follow instructions and take it all seriously. This is more an investment of your time and effort and spirit than it is your money, I am certain of this. This event is just as valuable for men as it is for women. I was the only man to attend this first event, and I can assure any man that there is nothing to fear and much to gain. All judgment is left at the door. Show up  and do not attempt to suppress anything. You will earn the benefits of witnessing the true emotional state of women; my interacting with women has improved dramatically since I have gained a much deeper understanding. You will also be giving these same women the opportunity to feel the energy of a man who desires to better himself, giving them a good example to remember and take into their own future relationship decisions.

At the end of the day this decision is yours to make. Do you want this enough to make the commitment? I did, and I have no regrets! I can only hope these words have helped you to gain an understanding of what you have to gain. So what are you waiting for?


Warsaw, Poland

The moment I found Tonya TKO, I was a young woman on the edge of adulthood. Back then I had poor self love, confusion in the dating world and  poor understanding of myself and being a woman. I was struggling with weight loss, body image and that slowly shattered my self esteem, self worth, and the image of the woman I was, and the woman I could become. I believe Tonya TKO came into my life as no coincidence. I believe that the enregy we sent comes back to us, what we ask for is given us, to guide us or to help us grow. Through the time of almost 7 years I have known Tonya’s videos, she had an amazing ability to produce a video so tailored to what I was going through in my life, that I believe, it helped me grow and evolve into a beautiful, confident woman I am right now. Her videos, her messages and her humor helped me shape my way of thinking of myself, my needs and my place in the world. I gave her messages a chance and that chance flourished into what became a beautiful and powerful way of thinking and manifesting.

Thank You!

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